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LinkedIn New Improved AI-Based Learning Elements 2024

A more integrated flow may allow people to highlight their employment talents and qualifications on LinkedIn


LinkedIn back at it again!

LinkedIn continues to include additional generative AI features, this time within its teaching capabilities as part of a LinkedIn Learning expansion.

To begin, the platform is testing a new coaching component that will employ generative AI to drive your learning path based on particular inquiries linked to your current career stage.

So, if you wanted to learn how to enhance your delegation abilities, for example, the system might give you advice and point you in the right direction.


The replies are based on it’s learning library database, and the tool may then give guidance, examples, and/or criticism that is tailored to your specific job.

The platform is also planning to provide additional Learning modules, making it easier for users to complete courses on their own time.

A word from LinkedIn

“Watch short, engaging videos in an immersive personalized feed, and learn the skills you care about from the instructors and experts you trust – without distraction. Along the way, we’ve built in quick knowledge checks to assess your progress and streaks to help stay motivated.”

“When you set a job alert, in addition to being notified about open jobs, we’ll recommend learning courses and Professional Certificate offerings to help you build the skills needed for that role. When you view a job, we recommend specific courses to help you build the required skills. If you have LinkedIn Learning access through your company or as part of a Premium subscription, you can follow the skills for the job, that way we can let you know when we launch new courses for those skills and recommend you content on LinkedIn that better aligns to your career goals.”



It will basically gamify the learning process, with LinkedIn also incorporating knowledge assessments along the way to verify that users are grasping the courses and taking notes.

The application is also attempting to assist users better prepare for their desired future employment by recommending LinkedIn Learning courses based on job interests.

Members will be able to better match their procedures with their intended career path as a result of this.

The application is also planning to extend its Professional Certificates, giving users another qualification choice, and has included new code testing tools, so you can enhance your abilities with hands-on training.

It has prioritized learning as part of its larger ambition to become the premier destination for career education and growth. And with a more integrated flow, a lot more people could demonstrate their abilities and certifications, allowing them to acquire the job they actually desire.

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