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MrBeast FINALLY Uploads Directly to X for the 1st Time

MrBeast may find monetization success on X, but it’s very likely you won’t. Here’s why.


MrBeast Has Agreed

The X team is super excited this week, because MrBeast (aka Jimmy Donaldson), the most popular YouTuber of all time, has uploaded one of his videos directly to X, as a means to test X’s monetization capacity, according to Donaldson’s post.

This follows a previous meeting with X owner Elon Musk, in which Donaldson claimed that it’s pointless for him to publish content directly to X because he can’t generate as much money from his films on X as he does on YouTube.

Musk and Donaldson had already communicated, with Musk hoping to persuade Donaldson to help bolster X’s new video effort. But in terms of pure revenue, Donaldson is correct: X will never be able to match the money he generates on YouTube.

He Earns HOW MUCH?

For comparison, MrBeast apparently earns between $2 million and $4 million for each video he uploads, and he posts about once a week. X has paid out approximately $30 million in total to all creators over the last six months.

Nonetheless, it appears that Musk has convinced MrBeast to give his new creator income share scheme a shot, which X has blasted over every media that it can, as an endorsement of its new “video first platform” strategy.

Which it isn’t actually.

Donaldson first published this clip to YouTube in September, and it has now received over 211 million views. So it’s not an X exclusive; rather, Donaldson describes it as a test to see whether he can increase his income possibilities by re-uploading existing clips to X as well.

However, for X, the success of this experiment is critical.

Musk’s optimism

Musk has stated frequently that he wants X to compete with YouTube on all fronts, even claiming that X is already on track to outperform YouTube in several areas. respects.

To be clear, it is not, but Musk’s unwavering optimism is what fuels his success, and the fact that Donaldson has even uploaded a tape directly to the app can be viewed as a victory in many ways.

But it will be interesting to see how Donaldson’s supporters react to his implied support for Musk’s X project, as well as how the rest of the MrBeast community perceives this new, possible collaboration.

Indeed, Kris Tyson, a member of MrBeast’s crew, came out as transgender last year, a population that Elon Musk has frequently insulted in his X postings.

It would be intriguing to hear Tyson’s thoughts on Musk’s X project.

For Donaldson, however, it’s all about business, and given the stakes for X, you can bet that Elon and Co. will promote the video in any way they can, in the hopes of maximizing its revenue potential and convincing Donaldson and other creators watching to believe that the platform is viable in this regard.

But, at this point, it seems a stretch to call this a coup for the app, but it could serve as another stepping stone for X’s video plan.

New Shows

X also recently announced the signing of numerous well-known TV stars to exclusive content arrangements that would allow them to air new shows directly on the app.


According to reports, X intends to create its own video entertainment network to compete with traditional television.

As I previously mentioned, Twitter and pretty much every other social app has tried this with minimal success. However, given the shift toward social applications as major entertainment platforms rather than supplemental engagement surfaces, now may be the moment to make a larger push in order to maximize app engagement.

And perhaps Donaldson and his MrBeast crew will play a role.

It will be fascinating to see what the findings of this experiment are.

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