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Create some buzz around your event or product launch with this new tool.

Instagram is currently in the process of testing yet another useful tool for celebrities and influencers.

Matt Navarra retweeted a tweet by app researcher Ahmad Ghanem, in which he shared the following picture as a preview of what the sticker will look like:

This new sticker will be directly linked to users’ calendar’s event listing from which they can select which event they want to promote. Now you’re probably thinking, “I’ve already got the countdown sticker to build anticipation, why would I need another one?” To answer your questions, we can tell you that this new upgrade does have its perks.

You can now re-share and re-promote the event whenever and as many times as you want (just don’t overuse it) with a direct link to the event itself to present an improved, integrated version of event promotion on the platform.

This feature can be highly beneficial for artists and influencers alike, who will now have the capacity to build even more awareness about a certain event such as a concert or a product reveal. As it is still in the testing phase, it is currently available to some users in the latest version of the app and should be available to everyone if it turns out to be successful.

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