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Snapchat 2024: Opportunities of the Saudi Arabian Market

Snapchat attempts to find more ways to maximize its business opportunities


While Snapchat continues to grow, with the business recently stating that it has reached 800 million monthly actives, the next difficulty is optimizing that reach, particularly in regions outside the United States, where the platform makes far less income per user.

Could Saudi Arabia provide significant potential on this front?

Snap has released a new analysis that examines the opportunities for retail marketers in the Gulf state in the face of fast technological transformation.

As per Snapchat:

“The innovation surge in Saudi Arabia presents vast opportunities for retailers, yet many lag in embracing change. As consumers rapidly adopt tech-driven shopping experiences, many retailers aren’t moving as fast.”

Snap’s latest whitepaper, written in collaboration with Kearney, gives insight into the region’s growing opportunities and where Snapchat fits in as a discovery and eCommerce source.

The Report

The analysis begins by looking at how Saudi social media users discover new products, with social media/brand pages ranking second only to search as the most prevalent source of information.


Which is pretty much what most people expect, but it does open up more opportunities for businesses to connect through social and messaging applications, which the survey says they aren’t taking use of yet.

The report also examines the main social platforms in the region and how they are used:


While also providing a broad overview of key action points in response to the data:


It’s an intriguing overview of the present Saudi Arabian market, including where Snap fits in terms of usage and engagement.

And it may provide fresh avenues to help drive more chances for the app, which, as previously stated, Snap desperately needs as it fights to realize its full potential.

You can get the complete “Retail Innovation vs. Customer Expectation: Who is Falling Behind?” research here.

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