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Snapchat 2024: New Report on Key Drivers of Successful Brand/Creator Collabs!

Snapchat reveals *THIS* is key to effective brand/creator collaborations

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Calling All Partnerships!

Snapchat has released a new analysis that examines consumer sentiment around creator content, as well as how users react to paid collaborations and promotions within the app.

Snap’s analysis, created in collaboration with media intelligence agency MAGNA, is based on a poll of 5,000 active Snapchat users from five markets (the United States, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, France, and Australia), and it offers some intriguing insights into the perception of brand/influencer collaborations.

Customers Awaiting Sponsored Content

First and foremost, the results reveal that the vast majority of consumers are willing to see brand-sponsored content from creators.


According to these statistics, Snap users of all ages are generally alright with brand advertisements, as long as they are used appropriately. However, context is critical, and the main element underlined frequently in the comments is “trust” and the significance of producers connecting with their audience.

Authenticity is a NEED!


Snap argues that in order to do so, producers should provide more authentic experiences, as well as data-driven facts and insights.


Another factor is the need of transparency and making the audience aware about paid partnerships:

Snapchat Says:

“Almost all users (89%) say it’s important for creators to make it known that their content is sponsored by a brand. This is especially true when planning for creator campaigns on Snapchat. Transparency ultimately leads users to trust creators more and engage with the brand.”

Building a Trustful Consumer Relationship

Again, the key emphasis is on honesty and trust in the consumer/creator relationship, which you should reinforce with your marketing to optimize resonance.

I mean, you could have anticipated it, but it’s interesting to see how users value each piece and how this may be implemented in your creator partnerships.

This is also why screening your influencers is critical, as it ensures that they have created an audience on the same principles, ensuring that their recommendations of your items are genuine and valuable to their target demographic.

It also emphasizes the need of finding the ideal creators for your products, since they will be more honest about a product that they actually appreciate and use. All of these components go into your planning and, as you can see from the data, are crucial to producing the best-performing campaigns.

You can read Snap’s entire report here.

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