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Snapchat: virtual make-up line? weird or creative?

Snapchat x elf cosmetics with it’s first-ever Bitmoji make-up drop


Now that e.l.f. has released new makeup, you may not be able to try it (especially if you live in Dubai) but guess what, you can give your cartoonish avatar on Snapchat a new look with the makeup.

Which, as a marketing ploy, looks a little strange, doesn’t it? You know, looking at a lipstick on a Bitmoji representation of yourself is really not at all like what it would look like on your own lips.

Snapchat? I’m confused.

The reasoning behind this launch isn’t to see what you would look like with the lipstick on, instead, theoretically, this was done in hopes to emphasize digital avatars more and more as a way to connect and express ourselves online.

Users can now customize their Bitmoji characters in any way they choose thanks to a variety of Bitmoji clothing drops that Snap has already enabled. As per Snap, Bitmoji characters can now be dressed in over a trillion different ways, hence creating endless opportunities for your digital wardrobe.


Okay, but why elf?

This is because this launch may certainly affect actual purchasing. Users would want to match their bitmojis hence, purchase the same lipstick in person as well. Additionally, according to Snap, 74% of users dress their Bitmojis in brands they actually wear.


Therefore, it makes sense that the act of recognizing oneself in these digital product replicas may indicate real purchase intent and consequent behavior.

Perhaps it will also apply to makeup looks, in which case this could be a worthwhile and interesting activation that is taken into consideration for other beauty releases in the future. In any case, you can be sure that other beauty firms will be keeping an eye out to see how Bitmoji activations can translate into their upcoming launches.

Ooo okay I’m excited!

As of now, users on snapchat can access eleven different shades of e.l.f “O FACE Satin Lipstick” on their bitmoji avatars. As well as, if wanted, can purchase these lipsticks with a dedicated bitmoji drop link.

Its definitely a new technique for snapchat, for using bitmojis as a form of marketing but so far, everyone loves it. Stay tuned because it seems like this is the first of many.

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