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TikTok-famous and hated ‘scar girl’ addresses *THIS* 2024

TikTok’s famous ‘scar girl’ has responded to criticism from viewers after her iconic scar appeared to vanish from her face


“Is the scar real or fake”

Ann Bonneli, popularly known as ‘Annie’ on social media, is a popular online personality with over 800,000 TikTok followers.

Ann ignited a media storm in early 2023 when detractors accused her of fabricating a big scar on her right cheek.

The mark was unusually dark in comparison to her previous Instagram photographs, leading some to suspect she was exaggerating the injury using cosmetics to attract attention.


Scar changing shapes and colors

Fans have recently noted that Ann’s blemish appears to have almost vanished from her face, sparking new speculation that she was faking the blemish for attention.

Bonneli addressed the criticism of her facial injuries in a January 2024 social media post, explaining that she has quit attempting to remove her blemish and has left the skin to rest and heal while concealing it with cosmetics.

Ann Speaks Up

“I’ve had this blemish for coming up on four years now,” she told me. “I use concealer effectively to disguise my scar. I also quit doing crazy things to get rid of it and from hurting the skin. I gave it some time to rest, and it’s much lighter now. It’s still relatively dark, but it’s always covered.”

That’s not all; Bonneli told her detractors that the injury was caused by a “traumatic” incident in her past, and she doesn’t like being reminded of it as a result of the ongoing scrutiny surrounding her scar.


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Still Fake?

Despite Ann’s assurances to the contrary, speculations persist that she is faking her scar, with even a board-certified plastic surgeon questioning her darkly pigmented damage when the criticism was at its pinnacle in 2023.


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