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TikTok Publishes Guide to Father’s Day 2024 Promotions

Check out these new insights from TikTok to assist in your Father’s Day campaign planning

TikTok Dad-icated A New Guide

In order to assist marketers in utilizing the app for their Father’s Day tie-in promotions, TikTok has released a new guide in anticipation of Father’s Day, which falls on June 16 in a few weeks.

A variety of useful information, such as trend notes, content inspiration, planning advice, and more, is included in the seven-page guide on how to interact with viewers throughout the event. The complete Father’s Day guide from the app may be downloaded here (with email sign-up), but we’ll go over some of the main points in this piece. To begin with, TikTok gives a summary of the main Father’s Day trends and how users celebrate the day.


Additionally, there are notes about the kind of material that appeals to people the most on Father’s Day and how businesses may increase audience engagement with it.

Getting Views On Father’s Day

In addition, TikTok has included notes on how to increase awareness and sales as well as the main areas of emphasis for each strategy. There are also more detailed suggestions on how to investigate and identify the trends that are most pertinent to your company.

It’s a brief but helpful guide that could aid in your preparation, and it has some particularly insightful advice on content trends that could enhance your approach.

It’s worth considering if you want to design a campaign that ties in with Father’s Day.

Download the comprehensive Father’s Day guide from TikTok here.

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