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TikToker reveals: How to do realistic makeup 2023

TikTok micro Influencer reveals why Influencer makeup doesn’t work in real life. Check out his tips and tricks to achieve flawless yet realistic makeup looks

TikToker reveals Influencer beauty doesn't work in real life

Real vs. Influencer makeup

TikTok sensation Bennet Northen, aka @bennetnorthen, took the platform by storm with a revealing video that dissected the stark differences between “influencer makeup” and practical, everyday beauty routines. The video garnered 7.8 million views, sparking a conversation about the often unrealistic portrayals of makeup techniques on social media.

Influencer makeup

Northen highlighted the contrast between the “harsh” looks often showcased in influencer makeup tutorials and the more subdued, realistic approach required for daily activities like work, school, or errands. He emphasized that influencer-style makeup is crafted for entertainment, leaning towards the dramatic for viewer reactions rather than practicality.

TikToker reveals: How to do realistic makeup 2023

Comparative makeup tutorials

Using a split-screen technique, Northen walked viewers through two makeup tutorials—one following influencer-style techniques and the other reflecting his everyday routine. The disparities were evident, offering insight into why certain influencer tips might not translate well into real-life scenarios.

TikTok tips

Northen debunked various influencer makeup practices, offering practical alternatives. He advised against using a light concealer, opting for peach or orange undertones to color-correct dark circles. Squeezing foundation directly onto the face was deemed unsanitary, with a recommendation to apply it to the back of the hand and use a brush for even application.

Bronzing and brushing

Questioning the TikTok trend of cream bronzer under powder bronzer, Northen simplified the choice based on skin type—cream for dry skin and powder for oily skin. He emphasized a fan brush for bronzer application in circular motions, following natural shadows for contouring. Northen also challenged the need for both cream and powder blush, advocating for a single choice based on individual skin type.

Eyes, lips and finishing touches

Focusing on eyes, Northen suggested alternatives to influencer practices, such as avoiding root-to-tip mascara application and favoring an eyelash curler and primer. He questioned the need for excessive products on the face and shared tips for enhancing lips with a lip liner matching the natural lip color.


reasons why influencer style makeup doesnt work

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Reality check: Naturally enhanced beauty

In the end, Northen’s makeup routine revealed a “naturally enhanced” beauty compared to the overtly “makeup-enhanced” look often associated with influencer styles. The video sparked a positive response, with viewers appreciating the practical tips for achieving a more realistic and wearable everyday makeup look.

Northen’s TikTok video underscored the importance of embracing individual preferences and practicality in makeup routines. As beauty standards evolve, the call for authenticity and versatility in makeup applications gains prominence, encouraging everyone to explore and express their unique style.

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