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TikTok is testing a paid, ad-free version of the app

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TikTok is Testing Ad-Free Version

Code within the TikTok application revealed that it is testing a new ad-free subscription tier. The test is currently underway in a single, English-speaking market outside of the U.S.

TikTok announces no add version

TikTok is a trendsetter in the social media market. Other applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitch, to start rolling out a short-form video content feature. Additionally, YouTube has introduced a video editing app to rival CapCut.

Now, TikTok is switching things up and joining other platforms to start introducing a subscription tier which will allow users to enjoy the application without viewing any advertisements.

The social media platform confirmed the existence of the test to Variety. However, the feature is currently being trialed in one country outside the US, and may not expand.

Subscriptions are also available on other apps such as X, formerly known as Twitter, where users can now subscribe to X Premium, an ad-free plan that also offers the ability to monetize content. It remains to be seen how TikTok’s subscription service will set itself apart from just being ad-free.

Launching the new app version presents a new ad-free tier subscription. The ad-free version of the short-form video-sharing platform experience would cost users $4.99 per month in the USA during this testing phase.

The testing of an ad-free tier comes as the app is working aggressively to diversify where its money comes from. The app recently announced its in-app marketplace, TikTok Shop, but a review by Insider reveals the company is struggling to moderate its Shop offerings.

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