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Tiktok: New conversational UI for algorithms 2023

TikTok launces a brand new conversational UI to help algorithms. You are now able to customize your "For You" page even more.


TikTok’s new feature

ChatGPT, has impacted greater than the interface itself, inspiring various other platforms to utilize more User- interface (UI) into their technology systems. This is to help align with the current trends which is now referred to as “the future.”

TikTok is the latest to join the bandwagon. They installed a new “Customize Feed” option that you can find in your “For You” page settings which allows the user to access a conversational guide on your opinions, preferences, etc.

How it works


Some of the questions asked are: “What would you prefer to see more of?” and “What would you prefer to see less of” and the user is then supposed to click on the given answer box and type in a possible suggestion about their preference. For example: some of the possible answers could include “Less or more content of the people I follow,” “More content of Fashion creators” and “Less content of car racers” etc. TikTok then utilizes this information to help build a customized For You page as per your preference.

Another additional feature within the UI is the time feature. This is used when you require to watch certain content for only a certain period of time. For example, if you’re looking to find a new outfit for a certain event, you can customize your for you page on TikTok to show you fashion-related content until the day of the event.



This feature is what caused the UI to be more in alignment with the conversational UI of ChatGPT. This new idea is said to be a risk, as it might work and become a necessity in other applications as well and users will find the ease of just simply asking for what they want. On the other hand, there’s also a possibility of this not succeeding. This is possible since it’s been said people often claim they prefer something but would actually end up benefiting from the other thing. As of now, the response has been overall good but the rest is still up for gamble.

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