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TikTok enhanced update for bigger screens 2023

TikTok announces a huge enhancement for Tablet users

TikTok enhanced update for bigger screens 2023

Endless TikTok scrolling

Finally, TikTok scrolling extends beyond smartphones as the app receives a comprehensive upgrade, specifically for tablets like iPads and Android devices. This transformative move promises a better viewing experience on larger screens.

TikTok’s announcement employs this as a “complete upgrade” that spans across all devices where the app is accessed. While the visual presentation remains akin to the smartphone version, substantial backend optimizations promise significant improvements. Enhanced video feed, revamped navigation bars, and improved orientation support take the TikTok tablet experience to new heights.

Streamlined navigation and enhanced visibility

On the tablet interface, the navigation icons are now clearer, alleviating the struggle often faced with smartphone apps on larger screens. Placed to the right of the video, these icons stand out against the background, making navigation seamless. Meanwhile, on the left, an information panel emerges, featuring Closed Captioning support, product links within videos, and top comments. The bottom navigation bar maintains its familiar appearance, reminiscent of the smartphone app.

Turn to landscape or portrait

TikTok enhanced update for bigger screens 2023

One of the standout features of this upgrade is the addition of landscape and portrait support, a boon not just for tablets but also for smartphones. The allure of experiencing TikTok in portrait mode on an iPad is bound to captivate users.

Tab takeover

This revamped tablet experience is already accessible through an update. Whether you’re using the app on a tablet or a smartphone, the changes promise a more refined video feed, streamlined navigation bars, and the flexibility of both landscape and portrait viewing. This strategic move to embrace larger screens opens up new possibilities for users, potentially attracting a younger audience without mobile devices and enriching the experience on a broader scale.

TikTok enhanced update for bigger screens 2023

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