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Is TikTok’s Newest Trend Making Everyone Delusional?

Is TikTok’s lucky girl trend really the key in bettering your life or is it manipulating you into being delusional …


New year, New me?

The beginning of a new year is always full of grandiose goals promising huge life improvements. While making objectives is generally beneficial, these resolutions can sometimes backfire. By raising the bar so high early in the year, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. If we do not reach our goals, it feels like a personal failure that reflects on ourselves and our self-worth.

TikTok’s “lucky girl syndrome” is one new method to break free from hustle culture, which tells us that if we want to create the life we want, we must work endlessly and burn ourselves out. The lucky girl mentality is a way of fundamentally altering our thinking such that we believe we are deserving of every bit of good fortune that comes our way this year.


TikTok has finally released the year of manifestation 2023. Whatever your goals are this year, lucky girl syndrome is one method to make them a reality. On TikTok, the #luckygirlsyndrome has now received 24.5 million views and counting. The fad was started by TikTok user @lauragalebe and has gathered traction in the last week. Other people have jumped on the bandwagon, raving about how the new manifestation technique has changed their life.

TikTok’s Lucky Girl Syndrome 101

Lucky girl syndrome is a strong manifestation tool and total mindset shift that is supposed to lead to the creation of your ideal life. It’s the belief that you’re the luckiest person on the planet, with so many possibilities falling into your lap simply because you’re that lucky. Everything always works out in your favor. You’re right if you think it sounds a little crazy! That is the whole point.


The new trend is a variation on the well-known manifestation tool — the law of assumption. This strategy assumes that your ideal life has already occurred and that you are living it. It’s a method of deceiving your mind into believing that you have all you desire. The energy that enters your life will reflect your belief that you are the luckiest girl in the world and that everything always works out for you. It’s a technique of exposing oneself to incredible chances that will come your way spontaneously. The law of assumption requires a full mental transformation. The idea is to channel the feelings and emotions that will arise as a result of achieving these goals.

Can this make you a “Lucky Girl?”

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to manifestation; there are numerous approaches that people adopt. There is no right or wrong way to approach it, whether it’s the whisper method, the pillow method, or scripting. Affirmations about how fortunate you are and how things always seem to work out for you can be a good place to start.

Laura Galebe, our original lucky girl, expressly advises scripting for us lucky gals.

In one of her viral TikToks, Galebe outlines the “memoir technique.” She instructs visitors to create a blank document and write about their 2023 experience. You’re writing it as if it happened already. You’ve completed your ideal year, and now you’re reflecting on it.


Galebe advises her audience to keep a manifestation notebook and to write as much as possible in it. The goal is to recount what occurred during the day as if you were already living your ideal life. Try to be as specific as possible about how you’re feeling in these moments, and in the conclusion, thank the universe.

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Overcoming Manifestation Obstacles

In principle, lucky lady syndrome sounds fantastic – who wouldn’t want to live their dream life and effortlessly attract excellent opportunities? However, for some, manifestation can be a frustrating process.

@kaitlinvillatoro is one TikTok user who has totally embraced the lucky girl lifestyle in the new year. She explains how the new fad is actually a means to battle the negative self-talk that so many of us face on a daily basis. Doubt and a lack of self-worth are two of the most significant barriers to embracing the approach. To make it work, you must truly think that you are deserving of the fantastic experiences you are attempting to attract. That is far easier said than done.

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The “I remember when” strategy is recommended by user @beyondtayler to overcome these thoughts of uncertainty. She instructs viewers to discuss their difficulties as if they were happening in the past. For example, you could say, “I remember when I used to worry about…” whatever comes to mind.

Bottom line: you have nothing to lose by trying it! Even if you’re not ready to do a lucky girl deep dive and write an entire 2023 book, talk it into existence with some affirmations and be open to new experiences. You’ve earned it, bestie.

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