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X 2024: slowly becoming LinkedIn?

X Will Now Enable Subscribers to List Open Jobs on Their Personal Profiles


Updating Job Profiles?

X has announced a significant expansion of its in-app job listings, allowing all X Premium subscribers in the United States to display open positions on both their personal profiles and business sites.

Their job advertisements were previously exclusively available to corporations through their $1,000 per month Verification for Organizations program, which was recently expanded to include more brands through a lower-spec plan.

However, personal accounts can now post job advertising for their organization, broadening the reach of it’s professional services initiative.

Is X the new “everything app”


All of this is part of it’s larger “everything app” strategy, with the company also aiming to compete with YouTube, Twitch, Messenger, and others through various projects.

LinkedIn is the obvious target for X Hiring, and thus far it has showed promise, with over 750,000 jobs published on the app.

That probably makes sense. For years, Twitter acted as a reliable business connection platform, facilitating all types of cooperation and partnership opportunities by connecting with like-minded individuals.

Time to search for candidates on X!


X has formalized this with the addition of job postings, and it’s understandable that businesses are now aiming to maximize their candidate search with it’s in-stream listings.

The true test, however, will be how many positions are actually filled by their Hiring. Giving firms that pay to use the app the chance to additionally publish available posts would undoubtedly result in a large number of job postings, but is it a successful, practical recruitment driver?

It will be fascinating to see whether it can offer any statistics on this at some point, but I would think that job ad figures will grow significantly in the following weeks as more people re-list opportunities on their personal accounts.

More job advertising are one indicator of interest, and it will be interesting to see how X plans to capitalize on this.


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