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X experiments with new pinned feature

Read more on the most recent updates coming to Elon Musk’s app X

X experiments with new pinned feature

X is working on a new feature that would allow users to pin lists, communities, and search queries to their home timeline. This would make it easier for users to access the content that they are most interested in.

X experiments with new feature

The feature is still in development, but it could be a significant shift in the way that users interact with X. Currently, users can only see their home timeline, which is a mix of content from the accounts that they follow and trending topics. With the new feature, users would be able to create their own custom feeds of content.

This could be a valuable feature for users who want to stay up-to-date on specific topics or who want to see more content from their friends and family. It could also be a way for the application to increase engagement, as users would be more likely to spend time on the app if they can see the content that they are most interested in, as seen in this example, posted by the app’s designer Andrea Conway.

Recent updates

This is just one of many new features that the social media platform is trying to bring up engagement with. Recently, the app removed Twitter Circles, and announced it will be launching audio and video calls soon as part of the expansion of its messaging tools. More features have also been announced for Premium subscribers.

Elon Musk, owner of the social media platform previously known as Twitter, also stated that the new changes are to enhance and improve use of Communities and direct messaging on the app. The new pinned feature aligns with this goal.

With Communities, people can join and share tweets directly with others who share the same interests, such as crypto or tech, as they will be a part of the same community. Once people join a Community, they can tweet directly to other members rather than to just their followers. Only members of a Community can like or reply to tweets sent by other members.

It is still too early to say whether the new pinned feature will be successful, but it is an interesting experiment that is worth watching.

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