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Big moves lined up for 2022…

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Social media analyzer and leaker, Alesandro Palluzu took to his Instagram a possibility that Instagram might be testing a new feature!

This feature is not just any other ‘feature’ but can change a lot of Content Creators game. Alessandro’s tweet says, “#Instagram is working on the ability to edit the profile grid allowing you to rearrange posts in any order you like ”

As you can see in this example, posted by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, the new ‘Edit Grid’ option would be displayed in your profile settings, enabling you to re-arrange your profile gallery as you choose, regardless of when each was posted.

Instagram grid test
Image Credit: @alex193a
Instagram grid test
Image Credit: @alex193a

Along the same lines, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recently pointed to a possible ‘pinned post’ option for profiles, which would enable users to select certain posts that they want to showcase at the top of their grid.

The capacity to entirely re-arrange the order of your posts takes this even further, and it’ll be interesting to see whether Instagram actually does decide to go ahead with it, given the fundamental change to the platform’s long-standing ordering and display process.

Instagram seems increasingly willing to experiment with its main feed and profile options, which in some ways aligns with user requests, while it may also relate to people using their main feed less than ever, with video posts – specifically Reels – now driving the majority of Instagram engagement growth.

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s Chief has also noted that video will increasingly be Instagram’s focus, along with messaging, and as such, it seems that, eventually, the main feed, as we know it, will be de-emphasized, in order to better connect users to the app’s video content formats instead.

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