James Charles

James Charles Apologizes...Again
This time, the makeup mogul and internet personality has apologized for partying in the midst of a pandemic
Jeffree Star breaks his silence by issuing an apology video
The video entitled 'Doing What's Right' has already racked up over 9 million views in less than 48 hours
Why are people turning themselves into Vogue cover stars?

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Ashley Strong wins James Charles' 'Instant Influencer' Reality TV Competition
The finale was aired on May 15th on Charles' YouTube channel
James Charles has launched the 'Biggest Beauty Collab in History'
The social media influencer has enlisted the help of some very famous friends for a new initiative
200,000 Viewers Tuned into 'Instant Influencer' James Charles' Reality Show
His competition show 'Instant Influencer' is a YouTube Originals Series...
Youtuber James Charles Faces Backlash over 'Fake Mugshot' Photos
The challenge encourages social media users to take mugshot inspired images...
Check Out The Most Popular Social Media Influencers
The list features makeup gurus to OG youtubers like Lilly Singh to gaming moguls.
Spilling The Tea on Good vs. Bad Publicity
From public meltdowns to melted lipstick, we talk about some of the biggest mishaps on the ITP Live Show