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Doja Cat Stuns in Custom Versace at the Grammys

A Y2K era inspired look by Donatella.

Doja Cat stunned in custom Versace at the Grammy’s awards. A blue sleeveless dress, with a bodice was covered by a sheer dress that travels to the floor. The dress, she shared was embellished with thousands of gem stones, entirely by hand. A very long process, that she shared took a large group of people, for many hours. This incredible process, resulted in a gorgeous atelier gown. She topped off the look with the influencer loved piece de resistance; the chunky Versace pumps. What is about the Versace pumps that makes them an absolute influencer fixation? Perhaps it’s their play off of Y2K chunky design that has sent the influencer realm into a frenzy. Donatella has her finger on the pulse of culture, and what her customers want to see.

She complemented the look with a Y2K era hair do; a combination of braids that were gelled and coiffed upwards. The look, she shared, was sketched out months ago. It also featured a diamond necklace and earrings. With Y2K era makeup as well; very thin eyebrows, and the icy inner eye fading out to a grey smoky eye. The blond updo and makeup were almost a direct snapshot of Gwen Stefani circa 1999; an absolutely stunning choice.

Doja Cat shut down the Grammy’s, by receiving 8 nominations before entering. She didn’t address a rumor on Twitter that she was quitting music; it seemed a difficult situation that either blew over, or at the moment Doja just wasn’t at liberty to discuss. She is confirmed to be touring North America with the Weekend. After the tour, hopefully she will receive her much needed break from Planet Her. Doja Cat did end up winning a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/ Best Group Performance with S.Z.A. for Kiss Me More. She expressed tearfully how much the award meant to her, however, she had just run back from a bathroom break; which made for a hilarious punchline entering her acceptance speech.