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Want to learn how to make TikToks?

Layla Akil, outgoing and bubbly social media influencer, and youtuber posted a message of support for International Women’s Day. Akil is known for her charisma; sharing upbeat TikToks and Instagram reels, and her influencer campaigns. She frequently pranks celebrities, takes requests from followers on what activities they’d like to see or whom they’d like to see pranked in the celeb realm. If you’re looking to step out into the world of creating TikTok content, Akil is one to follow, as she perfectly captures the quick humor needed for making hilarious TikToks.

She also uses trending TikTok sounds, effects, and edits. Her recent campaign with Pantene Arabia was an upbeat shampoo ad set to the tune of the Spice Girls ‘Wannabe.’ She uses all of the trending TikTok filters, such as the heart tunnel, graphics, and lots of fast cuts and video stitches.

She shared on Instagram (translated,) “I would like to congratulate every woman in the world, I would like to tell every single one of you that it is the most beautiful kindest thing in life, I would like to congratulate each one of you on her patience, fatigue, determination, and pursuits of her ambitions and dreams. I love you as much as the world . . . . . ”