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Ex-Apple employee reveals how to save battery life in 5 ways

Apple’s ex-insider reveals some useful tips and tricks to save your iPhone’s battery life

Ex-Apple employee reveals how to save battery life in 5 ways

Apple insider hacks

The average American checks their phone every 10 minutes, making battery optimization crucial for uninterrupted usage. Tyler Morgan, a former Apple employee, has shared insider tips to make your iPhone battery last longer.

Optimal charging habits

Morgan advises against charging your iPhone to 100%, as constant full charges can chemically age the battery. Instead, keep it around 80%. To set this limit, go to Settings, Battery, Battery Health, and Charging, then turn on Charging Optimization.

Background efficiency

Reduce battery-draining background activity by adjusting settings. In General, click on Background App Refresh and choose to update apps only on Wi-Fi or when opened. Turning off location services for unused apps can further conserve power; visit Settings, Privacy and Security, and Location Services to customize preferences.

Fine-tuning features

Morgan suggests turning off Apple’s “Hey, Siri” feature under Siri and Search, especially for those named Siri. Navigate to Accessibility, Motion, and hit Reduce Motion to save battery life. For a further boost, disable automatic updates, and lower brightness and Bluetooth settings, acknowledging that it might impact the overall phone experience.

Beyond battery longevity, Morgan shares tips for efficient iPhone use.

Camera mastery

Hold down the shutter in the camera app to activate the video feature instantly. To zoom in while recording, swipe up and down on the screen, mimicking TikTok or Snapchat functionality.

One-handed texting

Morgan introduces a one-handed keyboard option for easier texting. Hold down the globe symbol on the keyboard to access a pop-up allowing you to choose a truncated keyboard on either side, depending on your hand preference.

These invaluable hacks preserve your battery and enhance your iPhone experience. Morgan’s insights are a goldmine for users seeking to maximize the potential of their devices.

Ex-Apple employee reveals how to save battery life in 5 ways

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