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Top 10 BookTubers to reignite your love for books

These BookTubers will help you discover what you have been missing out on


What is BookTube? Who are BookTubers?

BookTube refers to a community of book lovers on YouTube who create content centered around novels. The creators behind BookTube are affectionately called BookTubers. They discuss books, share book reviews, give recommendations, do book hauls and engage their viewers with all sorts of other activities pertaining to books to foster a sense of community among book enthusiasts.

YouTube has become a popular platform for all types of enthusiasts to connect, and bibliophiles have found their place in it as well. If you feel as though your passion of reading needs to be reignited, or you are new to BookTube, these are some channels that can help you discover what you have been missing out on.

Jack Edwards

Booktuber-turned-author Jack Edwards is the go-to YouTuber for books. His content is mainly related to literature, and he has gained popularity for his celebrity series in which he reads and discusses novels that celebrities have recommended.

Jack’s channel often features insightful discussion and puns about book titles, making him a favorite among book lovers on YouTube. This is perhaps some of the reasons why he has achieved over 1 million subscribers.


Emma is a literature student who is known on YouTube for her niche interests and unique book reviews. She has built over 380 thousand subscribers on YouTube due to her genuine enthusiasm for books, her seasonal reading vlogs, and her thoughtful insights on many of the book she recommends.

One of her most popular series is what studying literature at the university level is like, and often shares her own notes from classes to give her viewers a real-world experience.


Kayla, or better known as Lala too the BookTube community, makes videos on her channel which include book reviews, reading vlogs, and reading-like videos. She has gained a significant following in the BookTube community due to her engaging personality and genuine passion for books.

With over 140 thousand subscribers, Kayla covers a wide range of genres and offers diverse reading recommendations.

Haley Pham

While Haley started her YouTube with content leaning more towards lifestyle vlogs, she has since then upgraded her channel to also include reading videos. Her vlogs have gained much attraction due to her enthusiasm and humor, and she has reached over 2 million followers on her channel.


Cindy remains one of the most insightful, honest and hilarious BookTubers on YouTube. Cindy reads just about everything from award-winning adult fiction to YA to fantasy, and has gained over 500 thousand subscribers.

Amongst her reviews and collaborations with other readers, her most popular series is the “Cook and Book” series, in which she cooks and eats a meal while discussing her most current reads.

Peruse Project

Are you in search of fantasy book recommendations? Look no further than Regan from Peruse Project. Although she now reads a variety of genres including thrillers, fiction, and romance, Regan has extensive expertise in the world of fantasy books for both young adults and adults.

Every month, she shares a range of content, including monthly wrap-ups and book recommendation videos for her 300 thousand subscribers. Additionally, she frequently posts reading vlogs, giving her audience insight into her weekly reading habits.

Sara Carrolli

With over 200 thousand followers, Sara is an up and coming YouTuber who does reading vlogs and recommendations on her channel. If you want more information on books trending on TikTok, Sara is the go-to BookTuber.

The Book Leo

Leonie, or Leo, is a BookTuber who updates her channel weekly with information on the latest trends in the book world. While she focuses on the Young Adult and Fantasy genre, she also reads and rates classics.

With over 400 thousand subscribers, Leo ensures her viewers will get unique takes and reviews on all kinds of literature.


With over 100 thousand subscribers, Madi is known for her amazing book shelves and room tours. She also spends a lot of time doing book reviews and book hauls, all including insightful views on the novels she reads.


Ali has over 100 thousand subscribers on her channel, and is known for “finishing off series I’m in the middle of” videos. She also does book hauls, recommendations , vlogs and organizing videos. Ali’s main genres are Young Adult and Romance.

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