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How to search and access Google smart home devices 2023

Google has now simplified your Smart Home app. Navigate seamlessly and effortlessly!

Google: How to search and access smart home devices 2023

Google simplifies home tech navigation

While it can be daunting to manage a multitude of Smart home devices, especially when you are juggling smart speakers, lights, and other automated gadgets, we’re here to guide you through it. Google is always looking for ways to simplify our tech-filled lives and keeping that in mind, they have introduced a game-changer. Let’s delve into the latest addition to the Google Home app that promises to make your smart home management a breeze.

Step 1: Update your smart home app

Before diving into the newfound convenience, ensure you have updated your Google Home app to version 3.9 for Android. This latest update is where the magic begins.

When you open the app, head to the ‘Devices’ page, where you will see the’ Search for Devices’ bar. Now simply type in the name of any device linked to your Wi-Fi network to instantly access and tweak its settings.

Step 3: Automation with ‘Help Me Script’

Not a fan of micromanaging your smart devices? Google has you covered. Explore the “Help me script” feature, a generative AI tool that makes automation a breeze. No coding required! While this feature is currently rolling out on desktops, it promises to revolutionize how you interact with your smart home.

Step 4: Dive into routine starters

Google has not stopped at just the search bar, but you can now find nine new ‘Routine Starters’ that provide more options for seamless automation. Additionally, fan functions like rotation and speed are now part of the Home App, making climate control a breeze.

Other devices can display crucial features such as light, motion, temperature, and humidity for enhanced management.

Google: How to search and access smart home devices 2023

The Google Home app has become more approachable than ever. Take these small steps, and you might find yourself seamlessly navigating your smart home, ensuring that each device serves its purpose without becoming a forgotten gadget in the corner.

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