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How to make your Instagram feed look spooky this Halloween 2023

Get tips and inspiration on how to transform your Instagram feed into a magical place!

How to make your Instagram feed look spooky this Halloween 2023

Do you like to keep things creative on Instagram and looking to re-vamp*ire* your feed to look spooky, cool, fun, and engaging this Halloween? Here are some tips, ideas, and inspiration on what you can do to get that perfect balance of everything and boost your engagement.

Choose a Colour

First things first, choose a colour or pick a theme. Strategy is all about planning before executing, and therefore by doing this as the first step, it will keep you in check if you feel like you’re going off track.

When we think about Autumn or Halloween, we think of warm colours. You wouldn’t necessarily pick yellow unless you were going to pair the yellow with orange – a typical colour used during the spooky season. Warm colours include toned-down colours, and that would be your burnt oranges (spiced pumpkin), black, deep red, and army green. However, if you’re not the type of person to tone down, and want a mix of warm and bright colours then you can do that too without your Instagram feed looking messy.

Take a look at some of the warm and bright palettes below and see which one you prefer best. You can also make your own palette, making sure your prime colours are warm – then go from there.

Warm Palette

Bright Palette

Choose a Template

Choosing a template for Instagram is optional. There are many apps that you can download to use as a guideline for creating aesthetically pleasing content. Aesthetic content means engaging content – if it stands out, it gains attention. Go through your App Store and browse through some free apps that will help you with getting creative on your Instagram Story and Instagram Feed. One free app you can use is Canva.

Instagram Story

Instagram Feed

Get Creative

When we say “get creative” it means you can either stay consistent with your feed and Instagram story, or you can do a mix of different content and colours. It could be a splash of creativeness, or keep it consistent with the same type of content, same colours, and same spooky Halloween borders.

Rotate Instagram Features

Instagram features are there to be understood and there to be used. Instagram Reels has seen huge potential in the growth of profile reach and engagement leading to followers. Depending on your niche and what your profile represents, you could focus on creating Instagram Reels, or you can create posts, even an ongoing series. Create a content calendar whether it be online or on an app, and see what you think will work well, and what you can manage to create.

Pinterest Examples

If you still cannot envision what your feed will look like for Halloween, then take a look at these few examples on Pinterest to spark your imagination.

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