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How to achieve Hailey Bieber’s ‘Go-To Vibe’ makeup look 2023

Beauty Trend Alert! Hailey Bieber shows off a new makeup look for the festive season. Scroll and try it now!

How to achieve Hailey Bieber's go-to-vibe make up look

Hailey Bieber beauty trend alert!

Slay this festive season with Hailey Bieber’s latest beauty trend! Hailey took to her TikTok to unveil her 2023 version of the classic Nutcracker look, sharing her go-to-vibe makeup look for the holiday season. The perfect blend of rosy cheeks, shimmery lids, and luscious lips–it’s time to dive into this latest winter trend.

Step 1: Dot dot dot…conceal

Hailey Bieber begins applying a light concealer under your eyes and above the cheekbones. Blend it seamlessly for a flawless canvas to kickstart our festive glam.

Step 2: Make it rosy

Channel your inner Sugar Plum Fairy with a generous application of a vibrant pink blush. Sweep it across your cheeks, nose, and eyelids for that radiant, holiday-ready glow.

Step 3: Highlight and sparkle

Time to add some magic to those eyes! Apply a touch of gloss to your eyelids, embracing the shimmer for that extra festive dazzle.

Step 4: Fray the brows

Frame your eyes by shaping your eyebrows. Follow Hailey’s lead and create a laminated effect giving your brows a polished yet frayed look.

Step 5: Freckle it up

Embrace the freckle trend! Draw a few playful freckles onto the bridge of your nose, adding a touch of whimsy to your winter makeup.

Step 6: Lip Lovin’ 

Outline your lips with a plum-colored lip liner, and then use your finger to blend it seamlessly into your lips.

Step 7: Seal with a Kiss 

Finish off your festive look with Hailey’s favorite – the peptide lip tint. Choose your flavor (jelly bean, anyone?) and seal the deal with a luscious and long-lasting pout.

How to achieve Hailey Bieber's go-to-vibe make up look

And, that’s it! Strike a pose and flaunt your festive makeup with Hailey Bieber go-to-vibe makeup look. You’re now ready to own the holiday season with confidence and style.


when I was 16 I was the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.. this is my 2023 version of that makeup. My go to vibe for the holiday season! 🍬✨

♬ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky) – Ian Post

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