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Lazy girls guide to travelling fashionably

Who doesn’t want to look chic while travelling … Here’s how you can do it with minimum effort


Go for the comfortable and versatile

When organizing your clothing for travel, give special consideration to adaptable items that may be combined and rearranged to create multiple looks. Choose comfortable, breathable, and easily cared for materials that are resistant to wrinkles. Choose foundational pieces such as leggings, stretch jeans, or travel-friendly pants. Put them with neutral-toned sweaters, blouses, or shirts to easily put together fashionable looks.


LAYERRRSS – your travel buddy

Layering gives your ensemble depth and facilitates temperature changes throughout the duration of your trip. Bring a scarf, cardigan, or lightweight jacket while travelling that goes well with your outfit selections. In this manner, you may effortlessly modify your layering to maintain a stylish and comfortable appearance.


Travel friendly Beauty

Being stylish when you travel goes beyond what you wear. Pay attention to your beauty and skincare regimen as well. For mild coverage and skin protection, go for multipurpose products like SPF-tinted moisturizers. Make sure your makeup is natural-looking and fresh while travelling. For a sense of refreshment on your travels, remember to pack a travel-sized bottle of your favorite perfume and stay hydrated.


Travelling luggage

Even your luggage itself might add to your overall look. Invest in a travel bag or luggage that expresses your own style and is of high quality, (bonus points if it matches your outfit). In this manner, you can move through rail or airport terminals looking effortlessly stylish.


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