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How to achieve Victoria Beckham’s perfectly chiseled look 2024

Try out Victoria Beckham’s signature morning routine makeup look to achieve the perfectly chiseled face

How to achieve Victoria Beckham's perfectly chiseled look 2024

Victoria Beckhams makeup routine

Victoria Beckham, renowned for her distinct and chiseled makeup look, recently shared her precise step-by-step routine using her own beauty brand’s Contour Stylus. With a focus on achieving a defined base, Victoria’s makeup regimen is a simple yet effective process that highlights her cheekbones, nose, jawline, and forehead.

Paint by numbers technique

Victoria’s secret lies in her £35 Contour Stylus from Victoria Beckham Beauty. To start, she marks a cross on specific areas – forehead, cheekbones, jaw, and nose. Using the contour stick, she applies the product strategically to these points, creating a base for the chiseled look.

Blend, blend, blend…

After marking the designated areas, Victoria utilizes a brush to seamlessly blend the contour stick into her skin. This step is crucial for achieving a natural and sculpted appearance. The blending process ensures that the contour seamlessly enhances facial features without appearing harsh or unnatural.

Signature routine

In her Instagram post, Victoria emphasizes the ease of using the Contour Stylus, describing it as a pen that allows for a simple draw and blend. She outlines her morning routine, utilizing the Contour Stylus in Sandstone to contour around her nose, cheekbones, forehead, eyes, and jawline. This meticulous process contributes to her signature chiseled and defined look.

Happy contouring!

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