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Argentina Is Considering Putting Messi’s Face On Banknotes

Messi’s face may be on banknotes after Argentina’s triumph.

messi peso

Lionel Messi has always been a hero to most but after Argentina‘s win in the 2022 FIFA World Cup he has blown up even more. Argentina has been celebrating their team’s triumph with fanfare and parades and they might have a new way to honor the athlete.

Paying Tribute To Messi

 The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina has plans to pay tribute to the epic and historic win and has been working on ideas. Some of the mockups of the banknotes have already gone viral.

It was also mentioned that Messi would most likely be printed on the 1000 peso note because it begins with the number 10 and coincides with the athlete’s Argentina jersey number. The Central Bank of Argentina plans to also print the word “La Scaloneta”, which symbolizes the winning team of coach Lionel Scaloni. This is just one of the many plans Argentina has to celebrate their team’s epic win in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

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