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Chlöe Bailey took the #MobWife Manicure trend to the NEXT level!

Chlöe Bailey Put a Sparkly Spin on the Mob Wife Manicure Trend


The queen of nails just got promoted!

Nobody loves a dazzling, blinged-out manicure more than Chlöe Bailey. The multihyphenate’s nails are always covered in diamonds, pearls, and valuable metals. She’s recently worn gem-encrusted Carnival nails, gold-dusted French tips, and a molten metal manicure, as well as occasionally extending her love of bling to her brows. However, with her most recent mani, she has outdone herself in terms of shine.

Chloe Bailey posted a dark set of photographs showing off her “wild side” on January 29, which looked a lot like the home of the coolest mob wife in the world, according to our social media-rotted minds. In the carousel post, she showed off every detail of the whole cheetah print fantasy moment; but, as you might expect, we were primarily focused on her nails.

Whereas a conventional, 20th-century mafia lady might choose a big French tip, we believe a 2024 Gen Z mob wife would go straight for this dress and manicure. Though the few outfits in the post featured all of the prints you’d expect from a mafia wife, the nails took that over-the-top, “loud luxury” attitude all the way home—in the most “I understand how to use TikTok” way possible.


Details, Details, DEETTAAILLLS!

Her nails, which extended a few inches above her fingertips in a pointed, slanted lipstick shape, were coated in glossy silver and adorned with even more maximalist metals. The base of the style was not the edgy chrome silver that comes to mind when you hear the word metallic. Instead, they had a vibrant sparkling tint brought to life with glitter. The nail was reflective with silver specs from base to tip, with the exception of the rhinestone-covered areas.

On top of the silver, each nail received its own set of enormous rhinestones to complete the look—some had giant pear-shaped gems, others round or circular. Regardless, each featured a mosaic of a few evenly distributed stones from top to bottom.


Completion of Chloe’s outfit

Chloe Bailey completed the outfit with edgy eye makeup and plenty of leopard and cheetah print. A piercing, thick cat eye almost touched her hairline, framing her orange and blonde-accented braids. Starting with a sharp and tiny inner corner, it totally ringed her eyes, thickening as it approached the edge. The liner thinned out as it formed its pointed end.

She donned two different clothes to highlight her striking features. The duo’s debut garment was a skintight tiger print catsuit with black velour stripes and see-through mesh panels. The following ensemble had a more conventional cheetah design, which she wore in a turtleneck bodysuit worn over black sheer tights. Both styles were combined with huge hoop earrings and platform shoes, reminiscent of what a young mob bride might wear on a night out.


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