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Influencer Sparks Outrage by Hogging Airplane Bathroom for Skincare Routine

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Hmm, skincare on a plane?

A lifestyle content creator has faced backlash after occupying an airplane bathroom for nearly 15 minutes to perform her extensive skin care routine, much to the frustration of fellow passengers. The incident, which unfolded on a flight, has left viewers branding the influencer as “inconsiderate” and “rude.”

About the influencer – Kate Elisabeth

Kate Elisabeth is a lifestyle content creator on TikTok, known for her vibrant personality and engaging videos.


Kate, the TikTok influencer with 657,000 followers, shared a now-viral video boasting about her behavior. “I told the woman in the queue I would be 2 minutes,” Elisabeth captioned the controversial clip with a nonchalant “oops.”

The video, which shows Elisabeth applying eye patches, washing her face, brushing her teeth, and using various skin care products, has drawn sharp criticism. Viewers pointed out that such behavior in the cramped quarters of an airplane bathroom was inconsiderate, given the limited number of restrooms available on a flight.



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Expected backlash

The video was also posted on the influencer’s Instagram and faced backlash on both platforms. “Bro if I had to pee and you were in here doing this…” one user commented, expressing their frustration. Another user added, “I’d be pissed if someone took 15 min in an airplane bathroom doing what they could do at their seat. Brush your teeth then allow others to use the bathroom.”

Others echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that much of her routine could have been done at her seat. “This isn’t a flex. Be respectful of other people in public places. Half of this routine could have been done at your seat,” another commenter agreed.

“This is s–tty rage bait,” another viewer remarked, suggesting that Elisabeth’s video was intentionally provocative to stir up anger and boost engagement. Elisabeth later hinted in the comments that her video might have been “rage bait”—content designed to provoke anger and generate high engagement through comments, views, and likes. “Y’all are so easily fooled,” she noted, suggesting that the uproar was precisely the reaction she intended.

Does this call for a greater issue?

The incident highlights the growing trend of influencers creating controversial content to drive engagement, even at the expense of public decorum and respect for others. While Elisabeth’s antics garnered attention, they also sparked a broader conversation about consideration and manners in shared spaces.

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