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Is Jake Paul Now Launching His Own Skincare Line?

Influencer Jake Paul is releasing skincare brand, W: Read more

Jake Paul & Skincare

Jake Paul, the 27-year-old YouTuber, boxer, and influencer, is diving into the booming men’s grooming market with his own line of skin and hair care products, aptly named “W” (for “winning”). Aiming to capitalize on this growing sector, Paul’s brand launched with body wash, body spray, and antiperspirant deodorant, all priced under $10. So far, his products are all for men, claiming he made the ‘best deodorant in the world.’

The influencer and self-made boxer targets his new personal care brand for Gen Z guys who ‘want to win on a daily basis.’

The Inspiration

The inspiration for “W” came from a personal shopping trip to CVS, where Paul noticed the limited options available for men. “We saw this old and outdated category where the competitors have been on the shelves in the exact same way for the past 20 years,” Paul told The Hollywood Reporter. “We just believed we had a better vision, better product and could disrupt this entire space.”

Paul draws inspiration from his brother Logan Paul’s success with Prime, a popular sports drink among boys and young men. “Me and my brother are like the testosterone Kardashians,” Jake Paul quipped, referencing the Kardashian sisters’ success in launching skincare lines. He believes there is a significant untapped market for creator-led products focused on young men.

In launching “W,” Jake Paul is poised to make a significant impact in the men’s grooming market, leveraging his influence and understanding of modern marketing strategies to appeal to a new generation of skincare-conscious men.

Booming Skincare Market

Jake Paul is effectively able to use the booming men’s skincare market to his benefit, adding a product he claims is not provided abundantly. The men’s grooming market has evolved significantly over the last few years. Traditionally filled with masculine, silver-packaged creams, the sector is now embracing more natural and paraben-free products. Market research underscores the potential of this sector. According to The Business Research Company, the male grooming market is expected to grow by 10% annually over the next four years, reaching over $100 billion.

Jake Paul is not alone in recognizing this opportunity. Celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Legend, Idris Elba, and Pharrell have all launched skincare lines targeting this expanding market. The influence of social media on purchasing decisions is particularly strong among young men, with 50% of Gen Z male respondents in a Euromonitor report stating they found brand information through TikTok in 2023, up from 36% in 2022.

Check out Dwayne Johnson’s grooming brand, Papatui.

Products & Where To Shop

The influencer’s new products are set to hit Walmart shelves first, with an expansion to Amazon later this summer. Paul’s vision for the brand is ambitious. He plans to expand the product line to include soaps, hair gels, and face washes, aiming to eventually dominate bathroom shelves.

Upcoming Events

Adding to the momentum, Paul’s upcoming boxing match against Mike Tyson is expected to draw significant attention. “It’s still gonna be a brawl, and we both plan on ripping each other’s heads off,” Paul said, anticipating the fight will boost his brand’s visibility.

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