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Logan Paul, KSI, Tommy Fury, Dillon conference gets heated 2023

It all kicked off at the conference when Logan Paul sang “Happy Birthday” and John Fury threw tables

Logan Paul, KSI, Tommy Fury and Dillon Denis: everything we know about the conference for Fight Night

It all went off at the Logan Paul vs Dillon Denis, and KSI vs Tommy Fury conference yesterday with John Fury flipping tables.

Fight Night which has been confirmed for the 24th of October will be one to watch. After the Fury vs Jake Paul fights, KSI claimed that he would be able to beat Tommy Fury and do what Jake Paul couldn’t and beating Tommy Fury, according to his Twitter/X post.

Now the date is coming closer to Fight Night, things are heating up with the first meeting of the press conference yesterday. All fighters (and bodyguards) attended the conference which was full of entertainment for everyone to watch.

Logan Paul vs Dillon Denis

As soon as he walked onto the stage, Dillon Denis immediately threw Logan Paul and KSI’s PRIME bottles off the table. He wore a chicken hat on his head which he later threw towards Logan Paul. As Logan Paul came onto the stage, he mocked Dillon and both threw insults at one another throughout the conference.

The cake incident

Logan then began to sing “Happy birthday,” bringing in a cake of Dillon Denis knocked out with blue shorts on. A few times, Dillon stood up to Logan Paul, again throwing insults but making things a little more personal. Both threw jabs at one another’s partners before John Fury stood up calling the conversation “Kindergarten talk.”

John Fury kicks off

John Fury, known for his temper and getting too involved in his son’s fights, also had a moment of his own.

Supporting his son Tommy Fury who will be fighting KSI in October, John throughout the conference tried to keep the conversation “adult” as the boxers continued to make personal slurs. Tommy Fury continued to tell KSI that he would put him to sleep just as he did Jake Paul to which KSI replied “I’m not Jake Paul.”

A few collisions with the fighters occurred with their bodyguards diffusing the situation as well as also getting heated in the moment. It was only when the conversation became too personal that John Fury stood up in a rage, hitting his hand on Tommy Fury’s shoulder before grabbing the tables and throwing them off the stage.

John Fury throws table off stage

As entertaining as the conference was, we are looking forward to Fight Night and seeing whether KSI can really learn from Jake Pauls’s “mistakes” and if it will be a clean fight between Paul and Denis.

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