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Meet Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez: TikTok’s New Favorite Couple

Tyler & Gabby – 2024’s new couple

About the fan-favorite social media couple

Tyler Bergantino and Gabby Gonzalez have quickly become TikTok’s favorite couple, capturing the hearts of millions with their charming love story. With their cute content and heartwarming get-together, they are quickly becoming our favorite online couple. The duo, hailing from South Carolina and Miami respectively, shot to viral fame after a video of their delightful meet-cute garnered over 32 million views.

@tyler.bergantino that breaks my heart @Gabbers 🇨🇴 ♬ original sound – Tyler Bergantino

The viral meet-cute

What started as a simple collaboration turned into an unexpected romance. Gonzalez, 21, initially reached out to Bergantino, 30, for a collaborative video while he was visiting Florida. Both influencers, known for their height-focused content (she’s 6’1″ and he’s 6’9″), saw the opportunity as a way to engage their audiences. However, the sparks flew immediately.

“I thought it was just going to be a typical collab,” Bergantino shared, “But then we started talking, and I felt like I’d known her my whole life.” Fans noticed the chemistry right away when the first video, posted on June 2, featured Gonzalez playfully discussing her ideal height in a partner and eventually naming Bergantino’s exact height.

Fans influence their first date

The flirty banter continued in a follow-up TikTok on June 4, where Gonzalez turned the tables and interviewed Bergantino about his dating life. His candid responses about the challenges of dating at his height resonated with Gonzalez, who shared similar experiences. Their playful interactions culminated in Bergantino asking Gonzalez out for coffee, a date eagerly documented for their followers.

@tyler.bergantino Replying to @Alexandria 💕 @Gabbers 🇨🇴 ♬ original sound – Tyler Bergantino

On June 5, Gonzalez posted a ‘get ready with me’ video, followed by a post-date interview with Bergantino. They bonded over their mutual love for Star Wars, even sharing their own lightsabers, and discussed future plans. Bergantino confessed, “I definitely want to come back to Miami, but you’d be the main reason I come back.”

@gabbyygonz So we got coffee… @Tyler Bergantino ♬ original sound – Gabbers 🇨🇴

Blossoming romance

Their romance continued to blossom online, with Gonzalez revealing on June 7 that she received flowers from Bergantino. He reciprocated with a heartfelt song titled “My Intentions,” expressing his feelings through music. How cute! The couple’s genuine connection was further highlighted when Gonzalez flew to Greenville to visit Bergantino on June 15, with both sharing more collaborative content.

Future plans for Tyler & Gabby

As their relationship deepened, Bergantino offered to help Gonzalez’s sister move into college and planned to join her family on a trip to Disney World for her mother’s 50th birthday. Gonzalez described the upcoming Disney trip as the “craziest triple date of my life,” as it marked the first time Bergantino would meet her family. They even coordinated matching outfits for the occasion.

Despite typically preferring to keep their relationships private, both Bergantino and Gonzalez agreed that this experience felt different. “I told myself the next person I was gonna post at all was gonna be the person I was gonna marry,” Bergantino shared. “So it’s kinda crazy [that] this all happened.”

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