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TikToker Miranda Derrick Says Her Life is in Danger Following Netflix Documentary 

TikTok dancer Miranda Derrick is facing death threats? Find out why

Miranda receives death threats

Miranda Derrick, a key figure in Netflix’s docuseries “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult,” has released a concerning video on Instagram. In her message, she claims that since the release of the documentary, she and her husband, James Derrick, have faced significant danger.

In her video, Miranda Derrick addresses her followers, stating, “I know I don’t normally make this kind of content, but I just wanted to be transparent and a little vulnerable with you. Before this documentary, my husband and I felt safe. Now that this documentary is out, we feel like our lives have been put in danger. We have both been followed in our cars, we have received hate mail and death threats.”

She provides specific examples, displaying screenshots of menacing messages. “Someone said that if they see me on the street, they’re going to come and get me, so I better get security,” she shares. With 2.7 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million on Instagram, Derrick blames her family, particularly her parents and sister, Melanie Wilking, for the fallout. “I don’t understand how my parents and my sister thought that this documentary would help me or our relationship in any way,” she laments.

Concluding her video, Derrick addresses her recent absence from social media, assuring her followers that she plans to post more content soon as she “sees the light at the end of the tunnel,” and expresses gratitude for their support.

About the documentary

The docu-series, which premiered on May 29, spans three episodes and delves into the world of TikTok dancers involved with 7M, a talent management company. Central to the narrative is Miranda Derrick, who is estranged from her family as they desperately attempt to extricate her from the group.

The series also scrutinizes Robert Shinn, the leader of 7M with testimonies from former members, like Priscylla Lee.

By the end of “Dancing for the Devil,” it’s revealed that Derrick and her family had begun to reconcile. Now, Derrick fears that this fragile communication is at risk.

“I have been getting together with my family for the past couple of years, privately, to work on our relationship, to make things right, to mend what has been broken. I’ve been loving getting together, laughing, just enjoying each other’s company. And this documentary has made it very difficult to continue doing that.”

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“Dancing for the Devil” has garnered significant attention, with streaming ratings from Luminate indicating that it was viewed by an estimated 4.4 million people from May 31 to June 6. Netflix has confirmed to Variety that the documentary will be submitted for consideration at the upcoming News & Documentary Emmy Awards.


For those interested, “Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

About Miranda Derrick

Miranda Derrick first gained recognition through her dance videos on TikTok. Her talent, combined with her ability to connect with her audience, quickly propelled her into the spotlight. With 2.7 million followers on TikTok and 1.7 million on Instagram, Derrick has established herself as a prominent figure in the digital dance community. Her performances, often characterized by their creativity and technical prowess, have made her a beloved figure among fans.


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