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Mona Kattan Celebrates Recent Perfume Launch with A USA Tour

Mona Kattan sets to tour around US, visits Sephora stores and releases new perfume -Read more now!

Mona kayali-ing her way around Europe

After touring around cities in Europe: Milan, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam & Paris, Mona Kattan, the owner of the perfume brand Kayali, plans their next tour in the USA. During her Europe tour, the entrepreneur met fans and perfume buyers in multiple Sephora store locations. Following her European tour success, the brand owner is organizing a similar US tour and took to her Instagram to share all the details.

Upcoming US tour

Starting May 23rd through to June 4th, the influencer will visit 4 US states: Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, and New York City. Buyers have the chance to meet Kattan at Sephora or Sugarfina if they purchase either a 50 or 100 ml perfume bottle.

New Kayali release

Kayali by Huda Beauty has stolen the spotlight at Sephora’s perfume rack yet again, with the brand’s latest drop of Vanilla Candy Rock Sugar 42 in three different sizes: 10, 50, and 100 ml. The perfume is a blend of unique scents, incorporating elements of Sweet Violet, Bubble Gum, White Caramel, Rock Sugar and Vanilla Cream.


Discover Kayali’s other unique scent combinations and previous perfume releases.

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