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RCLBeauty: From 2014 To 2024 YouTube Success

If you were on YouTube at all in the 2010s, especially if you were a girl in Generation Z, you must have heard of Rclbeauty101!


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With 14.3 million members, her smart DIYs, cheerful demeanor, and entertaining skits propelled her to popularity during this time. She went on to add that “it started out with the skits accompanied by the DIYs until [she] realized [she] enjoyed doing the skits more than the DIYs themselves, so for a long time [she] just did the skits, then [she] adjusted.”

Since the peak of YouTube, our favorite creators, such as Rachel, have moved on to pursue other projects and hobbies.

Looking Back On Her YouTube!

RCLBeauty aka Rachel sums up this moment in three words: “joyful, unserious, girlhood.” This is pure Barbie energy!

From a viewer’s perspective, the YouTube community has undergone significant changes in recent years. When questioned about this, she stated that “personally [she] just feels[s] like it removed its community aspect and [she] hasn’t felt the interest in continuing on that platform.” [She] has subsequently found other creative avenues.”

She had some of the most unique video ideas, and she noted that “oddly, with those films, I’d first do research on the subject to see if it was something that was being pushed by YouTube at the time, and then I’d come up with a thumbnail that I could imagine people being attracted by.

At that point, I’d want to have a funny skit at the start, so I’d try to find something fascinating for that portion, and the DIY would just be me sitting in my kitchen for about 12 hours until I found something that works for the product.”

With hundreds of DIY videos, viewers may question if she is still doing them. On the other hand, she “[doesn’t] use them outside of being in a pinch and needing something that I don’t have in that moment- if I really need a specific lip color I might just throw some eyeshadow into chapstick.” I agree that this is one of her best life hacks, and I still use it!

RCL’s New Music Career

RCL has been releasing music for a few years and discussed the ups and downs: “As someone who created content without the assistance of anyone for 13 years, it was difficult to communicate with a producer to get my ideas out of my head without having the proper vocabulary to do so. I’ve now mastered the music terminology, and it’s lot easier, but it wasn’t an easy transition for me at first!”

If you’re looking for new sad music for the winter, you’re in luck! “This year, I plan to release new music every month! (My manager stated no melancholy songs in the summer, so I’ve been releasing all of them in the winter.)”

Her Future’s on the Big Screen?

RCL is pursuing a career in acting and screenwriting, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see her on the big screen soon!

“Recently my friend and I have been screenwriting films and I have been taking acting lessons, so hopefully I will be able to venture into that world soon as well!”

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