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Salt Bae To Be Banned From The Rolling Loud Festival

Salt Bae has been banned from yet another event.

salt bae ban

Besides the US Open Cup, the Dubai-based Turkish chef, Salt Bae can add another event he is banned from. Salt Bae’s pictures with the World Cup trophy and with the athletes of the Argentina team went viral for the chef influencer’s lack of tact and manners.

Salt Bae being banned

The US Open Cup posted a tweet that announced that Salt Bae would be banned from their tournament due to his behavior during the World Cup. The chef handled the trophy despite the trophy being something sacred and only accessible to an exclusive group of people. He had also taken away from the players’ celebration by asking them to take photos with him. In some of the pictures, he handles the players’ medals and in one of the photos, the chef had bitten a player’s medal.

Fans found his antics extremely rude and even FIFA has decided to launch an investigation into the celebrity chef’s behavior and how he was able to easily access the players and the trophy, it has also been revealed that he was not given special permission to the pitch by president Gianni Infantino nor does he have a commercial relationship with FIFA. FIFA also remarked that there will be punishments in order.

Now the celebrity chef has also been banned from the 2023 Rolling Loud Music Festival in March.

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