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Sidemen Rake in More Than 20 million views with Influencer Reality Show ‘Inside’

“Inside” – Check out the Sidemen’s latest masterpiece!

YouTube’s Newest Series

The Sidemen have posted all the episodes of their new show, Inside, on YouTube, which is the center of attention for reality TV shows right now. This show combines Big Brother’s intense environment, the exuberant energy of Love Island, and the quick-paced style of creator content.

Inside features a diverse cast, including social media influencers and traditional TV celebrities. Participants, such as creators Joe Weller and Fanum, and reality stars like Love Island‘s Chloe Burrows, live together in a house set and compete in various challenges. Their performance in these challenges affects the prize pool, which starts at £1 million (approximately $1.27 million). By opting for luxuries like hot showers, tea, and snacks, they further reduce the final prize amount.

Record-Breaking Viewership

The first episode premiered on the main Sidemen YouTube channel on June 2, quickly becoming a hit with over nine million views. Despite subsequent episodes moving to their second channel, the show’s popularity remains high, with the five released episodes amassing over 20 million views on YouTube alone. Additional viewership comes from the membership service Side+, where fans can access bonus scenes and uncensored episodes.

Sidemens Homage to UK Reality TV

Inside draws inspiration from popular U.K. reality shows, with Love Island‘s involvement reflecting an ongoing collaboration between the Sidemen and the ITV-broadcast hit. The Sidemen had previously promoted their cereal brand in the Love Island house.

Reflecting on the project, Sidemen member Vik Barn (Vikkstar123) shared with the BBC, “We grew up watching reality TV in the UK, from Big Brother to Love Island to I’m a Celebrity. We thought, ‘Why not create our own reality show?'”

Inside merges the Sidemen’s passion for reality TV with the high-quality production seen in their MrBeast-inspired videos, creating a unique and engaging viewing experience.


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