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Tana Mongeau Opens Up About Her Biological Mother on her Podcast

Tana opens up about her childhood horrors..

Unpacking Tana’s Childhood Trauma!

Tana Mongeau, an internet personality, influencer, and podcaster, recently discussed her biological mother on the Cancelled podcast, which features her and Brooke Schofield. The most recent episode of the podcast, which generally focuses on wild anecdotes, internet drama, and lighter, sillier topics, left the hosts and audience crying.

On May 4, the episode “Tana and Brooke unpack their childhood trauma together…” was uploaded. It focused on Tana and Brooke’s experiences growing up with their birth parents and how it has impacted their lives. Tana, who was eventually taken in by her best friend’s parents, tells viewers and listeners around the world about a recent meeting with her birth mother in this episode.

Tana’s birth mother attempted to re-establish contact with her by attending a poker tournament Tana was participating in. While Tana was playing poker, her birth mother addressed her boyfriend, Makoa, who quickly informed Tana about her presence at the gathering. “Even if we started off brand new, she would show up and be like, ‘I’m Tana’s mom!’ and that sh*t would piss me off,” Tana recalled.

Appreciating her Friend Group

“Like, no!” I’m Tana’s mother! Deborah [her closest friend’s mom] is my mother! Brooke is my mom! “Everyone else would be above her.”


She Found Happiness Again!

Tana went on to say how much better her life is now, especially since she found a community of individuals who understand what she’s been through with her parents. “I believe it’s simply acknowledging the mental illness and embracing it for what it is,” she said, “and everything always ended up making me feel so bad. I’d love to connect, but I know there’s a 95% chance this will end with me feeling helpless and small.”

Troublesome Childhood

Tana and her parents have an extremely tense relationship. Tana revealed in a February 2023 interview on the H3 podcast that her parents, Richard and Rebecca Mongeau, were suing her for slander and seeking millions in damages. Tana stated that her parents were concerned about certain things she said on her MTV reality show, MTV No Filter: Tana Mongeau. “I don’t want to see them ever again,” Tana stated. “I do not want to talk to them ever again. I don’t want to feel that way ever again. I don’t want to watch them defend all they did to me.

Tana has also spoken candidly about her childhood in various videos. Most notably, in 2018, Tana posted a video describing her childhood titled “finally opening up about growing up/my insane dad.” While the video appeared to be amusing at first glance, followers quickly pointed out that her father’s actions was inappropriate.

Tana’s sensitivity on the Cancelled podcast sparked an outpouring of support from all corners of the internet. A commentator on YouTube writes, “This vulnerability and willingness to talk about real shit is hands down the reason why the Cancelled podcast is so successful and why many listeners find relatability in the content.” Another top response reads, “I think anyone who can sit in front of a camera and talk about anything so personal and vulnerable is one hell of a strong person.”


On TikTok, users were praising Tana’s boyfriend, Makoa, for how well he shielded and supported her throughout the situation. One remark (with 20.9k likes) on a video shared by @tanaandbrookeclips says, “Makoa has your back, he’s such a good dude.”

@tanaandbrookeclips This is so sad and scary. i hope Tana’s ok 🥺 #tanamongeau #cancelledpodcast #brookeschofield ♬ original sound – chefgrayson

As social media remains the primary source and outlet for building communities around the world, it is apparent that Gen Zers appreciate transparency, honesty, and vulnerability. The digital environment is as inviting and open as it has ever been, allowing people of all backgrounds to come forward and share their experiences with everything and everything.

Forever Our Queen!

Tana is a renowned social media influencer, thus hearing her story is not only admirable but also encouraging to other Gen Zers and teenagers. Her capacity to communicate her story on such a broad scale is something few individuals can do, and social media users around the world are grateful she did.

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