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What is The New TikTok Star Murders Documentary?

More about the new TikTok-related documentary

The new documentary “TikTok Star Murders,” premiering June 25 on Peacock, delves into the harrowing story of Ali and Ana Abulaban, an internet-famous couple whose relationship was marred by abuse. Read more on TikTok influencers’ documentaries here.

About the Main Characters

Ali and Ana Abulaban met in 2014 while serving in the Air Force in Japan. By 2019, Ali began gaining popularity online for his sketch comedy and impressions of characters. His videos frequently amassed millions of views, giving him a taste of internet fame. Ana often appeared in his videos, either behind the camera or as part of the sketches, presenting an image of a happy couple to their growing audience.


However, the reality behind the scenes was far darker than it seemed. The documentary “TikTok Star Murders” provides an in-depth look at the couple’s life through the eyes of those who knew them best. It explores their journey from their meeting in Japan to Ali’s growing online presence and the eventual unraveling of their relationship.

Social Media Turmoil

In an interview included in the documentary, Ali blamed his social media fame for his violent behavior, claiming it “messed with his brain.” Despite his apology to his fans for not being able to create more content, he showed little remorse for the families of his victims, a point criticized by many.

“Social media can be really dangerous in the hands of the wrong person,” said Rolling Stone journalist Andrea Marks in the documentary. “Ali had a very unhealthy relationship with social media that distorted his reality and influenced his behavior in destructive ways. This is a cautionary tale worth paying attention to.”

“TikTok Star Murders” is a chilling narrative of a seemingly idyllic online persona hiding a deeply troubled and abusive relationship, ultimately leading to a tragic and violent end.

You can watch the documentary on Peacock.

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