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Top 10 bullet journal Influencers to follow

Stay organized with these bullet journal Influencers

Bullet Journal Influencer

A bullet journal, or BuJo, is a customizable organization system that can be used for anything from tracking your daily tasks and appointments to planning your goals and dreams. It’s all about creating a system that works for you and helps you stay on top of your life.

Bullet Journal Influencers

And if you’ve stumbled upon the many bullet journal Influencers on social media as we have, you know that people make their journals look stunning and beautiful. So here are our top 10 bullet journal Influencers to give you easy inspiration for yours:

Amanda Rach Lee (@amandarachlee)

Amanda is one of the most popular bullet journaling influencers. With 2.16 million subscribers, Amanda inspires bullet journaling lovers worldwide with her creative videos, vlogs, and “doodle diaries”.

Miranda (@thatbujolady)

Miranda’s style will make you want to recreate her templates and ideas, which she shares on her Instagram. Her clean, uncluttered, vibe is perfect for anyone who needs to get organized.

Tea (@teanbujo)

Tea has been bullet journaling since 2017, and she draws simple templates and shares them with the rest of the world on Instagram for free. She has a fairly straightforward color palette, which is perfect for anyone who likes to stick to specific colors.

Irene (@amanitajournals)

Another OG bullet journal Influencer is Irene, who has been bullet journaling since 2017. Her style is bright and quirky if that is the kind of inspiration you are looking for for your bullet journal.

Rylee (@ryleeautumn_)

One bullet journal Influencer who makes easy and beginner styles is Rylee. She even takes custom bullet journal requests, of which she records and shares the behind-the-scenes’ of those journals.

Noki (@noki_tree)

While Noki is Korean, and most of her content is in Korean, she is one of the most viral bullet journal Influencers on Instagram. Some of her reels get over 100 thousand views on the social networking site due to her simple yet cute style.

Janelle (@euyos)

Janelle also keeps a simple and straightforward but cute and muted, colorful journal, and loves to share her bullet journal spread ideas. She even shares life snippets on her broadcast channel which is open for all of her followers.

Kubra (@kubisjournal)

If you enjoy more elaborate spreads, full of decorations and stickers, the best account to follow is Kubra’s. This bullet journal Influencer is more geared towards creative journaling and scrapbooking, and it looks so beautiful.

Minami (@livingwithcolors)

Minami has over 100 thousand followers on Instagram, and each of them is in love with her bullet journal ideas. She incorporates stickers, her own sketches, postcards, and simple pops of color, which really makes the features stand out.

Under the Moon (@_under.themoon)

This bullet journal Influencer is also a student, which means she plans her study planner as often as possible. If you’re a student who is struggling to organize their work, this is the perfect follow for you.

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