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YouTuber Group The Sickos Attempt World’s Biggest Ski Jump 2024

Check out how these youtubers attempted a record!

Daredevil YouTubers Attempt Extreme Sports

The Sickos, a daring group of YouTubers, are famous for two things: experimenting with potentially dangerous extreme sports gear and often finding themselves in way over their heads. Their past exploits include getting a jet-powered surfboard, tow surfing behind an RC electric boat, and attempting to ride the tallest foil board in the world. They’ve also gone iceberg kitesurfing in the Arctic, got barreled in the Mentawais, and created a massive river wave. Now, they can add attempting the world’s biggest ski jump to their impressive list of adventures.


Pushing Limits on the Eve of a World Record

This latest stunt by the YouTubers took place on the eve of a real-world record ski jump attempt by Ryoyu Kobayashi in Akureyri, Iceland. The Sickos were there to witness history, but not before trying the jump themselves.

Unsurprisingly, the experience was intimidating. Even their test runs had the amateurs struggling. “This low key turned into a sketchy-ass situation,” one Sicko remarked. “I thought this was going to be fun and funny and chill, learning to ski jump like a little one. This is so gnarly.”

From Daunting to Successful

After some nerve-wracking practice, they finally managed a proper jump, which went surprisingly well. Then it was time to watch the pro, as Kobayashi shattered the previous record with an incredible 291-meter flight. “Of course, the fact that I was able to make history here is nothing short of spectacular, but this was not possible without the support of everyone that’s involved in the challenge,” Kobayashi said. “This record will be my source of strength going forward.”

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