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7 Accounts You Must Follow For Streetwear Inspo in 2023

From vibrant glamorous looks to more monotone lowkey athleisure looks, here’s a list of streetwear accounts you can’t miss for streetwear inspo.

streetwear accounts

Streetwear is such a flexible and versatile tangent of fashion. Streetwear style values individuality as well as trends. Often when faced with a plethora of choices and styles we are in need of guidance and inspiration for our personal and unique fits. Here are 7 diverse style accounts that can fill you up with inspo for your next fit.


Aureta’s Instagram is festive and colorful. Aureta’s feed feels like it was inspired by Wes Anderson movies with its quirky and campy aesthetic. Aureta’s posts are fashionable and well-put-together and serve as an escape from the mundane. Viewers would feel like they would live vicariously through her excessive and luxurious posts of fine dining, high tea parties, and buying fine art, etc.

Leo Mandella

Leo, better known as Gully Guy Leo is a sneakerhead and fashion-obsessed creative. He’s been featured on HYPEBEAST and noticed for his impeccable sense of style and for experimenting and investing in fashion and street style. He’s even had a partnership with converse. Leo’s style mixes UK street style with splashes of color and athleisure.

Maj Veloso

Maj is a sneaker enthusiast with a penchant for photography. His account has a clean-cut minimalist aesthetic. He has distinct and well-curated streetwear looks with authentic streetwear. He is also a designer and leads his own community of creatives called “The Third World”.

Alexandra Hackett

Alexandra is an athleisure and street style specialist as well as a sneakerhead. She has an obsession with the sports brand Nike and is a proper sneaker connoisseur. She is famous for her modern and innovative streetwear designs and stylings. If Nike is your favorite brand and you want inspo on creative and different ways to style your clothes then her account is the perfect place for you.

Selma Kaci

Selma has a brilliant sense of color and pattern matching she also has an impressive and unique shoe collection. From heels to boots and sneakers Selma has a good eye for the golden purchase. Her posts are fun and vivid and her pick shows off her individual style. Her feed explores different streetwear trends and is very diverse so anyone looking for inspo would find a variety of different styles from her page.

Kicki Yang Zhang

Kicki’s is a fashion influencer and content creator who is known for their fun and daring style choices. Whether it’s cyberpunk with a pop of color or pastel athleisure or even chic androgynous styles Kicki’s got it all. They have an extensive knowledge of color, pattern, and design to make avant-garde into street style. Kicki also often experiments with alternative and unique styles for their makeup.

Alani Figueroa

Alani’s feed is a great hub for New york street style with full glam and athleisure influences. Alani’s streetwear is also very versatile, with striking visuals and color choices, and innovative choices of silhouette and texture. She is also an avid lover of nail art and often features her favorite nail art pieces on her feed. She perfects combines her swaggy streetwear choices with high-end brands to create balanced looks.

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