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Read: Algorithm-Free, Reverse Chronological feed options being tested.

Image Credit: Social Media Today

Is this true? We are hearing chatters of a big shift happening with Instagram’s feed choices. Chief of this social media app – Adam Mosseri, took to share an announcement over his Instagram and shared a preview of how the new options on this front will work. Keep in mind that not everyone can access this feature yet, as they are still testing it.

As you can see in the video, Instagram is looking to add two different chronological feed options, in ‘Favorites’, which would enable you to view a listing of accounts based on those you add to your ‘Favorites’ list, and ‘Following’, which will display the accounts that you follow, free from additional recommendations, in reverse timeline order.

This is a shift towards autonomy in choosing how you manage your social media usage and the impact it has on you, according to the brand. You’ll soon have the option to view your posts in reverse chronological order once again, with an easy switch to toggle between the different feeds. That’s what users have been asking for years, right?

Instagram feed toggle
Image Credit: Social Media Today

The problem with Instagram’s solution, which has been in testing since early December, is that you won’t be able to make your preference the default option, which means that if you’d like to see your feed in reverse chronological order, you’ll have to manually switch over to your ‘Favorites’ or ‘Following’ feed every time you use the app – but that does not sound too inconvenient!

As all social media apps keep inspiring other apps, we can’t say this idea is original. This has been tested by Facebook before too!

Facebook News Feed sorting
Image Credit: Social Media Today

Guess this is your chance to manage your Instagram feed and organize who you wish to get an update from – a step towards digital wellness!

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