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Creating content that lights up your Instagram feed this Ramadan

Instagram shares tips and tricks for its community to get inspired and innovative for the Holy Month.

For users eager to find new and different ways to uplift content on Instagram and channel the Ramadan vibes, Instagram has listed a few tried-and-tested tips. From stickers or giphys on Stories to authentic Arabic melodies on your Reels, Instagram gives its community diverse ways to mark and celebrate the Holy Month

  • Instagram stickers and giphys – Enhance any story by adding the series of Ramadan stickers created by Hala AlAbbasi, a Bahraini illustrator and graphic designer. Or play with the wide range of giphys on the platform – including the ever-popular lanterns, the crescent, and many other symbolic icons. Just click on the sticker icon and type “Ramadan” in the search tab to select your favorite one.
  • Reels music and transitions – Instagram Reels are the perfect canvas for creative expression, and this Ramadan, the music feature on Instagram has a wide range of authentic Ramadan tunes to enhance Ramadan content. Click on the “audio” icon while and search “Ramadan” for a playlist. After you pick your favorite song, you can turn any Reels into an immersive performance with Superbeat and Dynamic lyrics. Superbeat intelligently applies special effects to the beat of your song. Top it off with Dynamic or 3D lyric, two new lyric effects that display on-screen song lyrics for people to perform with and make their Reel more engaging. Spend less time editing and more time creating and sharing.
  • Create your own story frame – This Ramadan, you can use an image of your favorite lantern or any symbolic Ramadan icon as your Instagram story’s background. Whether it is inserting a warm family or friends’ picture or a heartwarming copy, the background provides a stunning and personal setting for your Ramadan memories. To set the background:
    – Select your desired image to be your background
    – Click on the sticker icon and select the image tool
    – Insert any image or images you would like to add
    – Type in “Family Iftar” or any text you desire and don’t forget the emojis
    – Final step, post!
  • Decorate your home reels – Get inspired by this reel created @asallahkamel, and use a favorite Ramadan melody from the audio option to showcase Ramadan décor and decorations thus bringing the Holy Month to life.
  • Ramadan recipes – Connect with your community and create Reels inspired by your favorite food creators, such as @minaalsheikhly’s fabulous reel showing a quick Saudi Kabsa recipe for iftar.
  • Celebrate Ramadan with our AR filters –  You can celebrate the Holy Month by using Meta’s bespoke Ramadan filters AmrRamadan and RANSmadan Run. The filters were developed in collaboration with one of MENA’s leading creators, Amr Maskoun and Indonesia’s renowned couple Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina, and  Spark AR creators MadebyHumans and Filterqu, to revive the spirit of Ramadan on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Customize your favorites Ramadan feed – With the launch of our latest feed update, control your favorites feed list this Ramadan by adding up to 50 accounts of your favorite chefs, fashion icons, Ramadan series, and others.
  • Remix Reels – You must have come across a comic Reel this Ramadan, share the smile and remix the Reel with your own! All you have to do is:
    – Choose a public Instagram video
    – Tap the three dots in the upper right corner
    – Select “Remix this video”
    – Record your answer or upload it from the camera roll
    – A remix of an Instagram video will be visible anywhere you share it on Reels

Written by: Moon Baz, Creator Partnerships Lead, Africa, Middle East, and Turkey at Meta