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Elon Musk 2024: Hints at Bringing Back Vine?

“Bring back vine?” – Elon Musk


Elon Musk, back at it again!

Elon Musk’s persistent drive to be the major topic of conversation helps him keep his firms in the forefront, for good or worse.

This week, amidst layoffs at Tesla and allegations of compounding issues with the Cybertruck, as well as a change of his public attitude against the Brazilian government at X, and fresh stories of the platform promoting neo-Nazi content, Musk is once again attempting to divert attention away.

And evidently, depending on the piece you’re reading, that is having an impact.

And the X (previously Twitter) team is taking action on this front, with X programmer Christopher Stanley posting an active link to Logan Paul’s old Vine page:


Vine was initially shut down in 2017, and all Vine clips were eventually disabled to reduce server expenses. At the very least, the X team is investigating the app’s code base and how it can be relaunched for a new audience.

Vine 2.0?

Musk has mentioned bringing back Vine multiple times since taking over Twitter in November 2022.

Vine is the conceptual ancestor to TikTok, and TikTok is now a billion-user platform, so Vine, if X brings it back, might be big as well. However, it is important emphasizing that Vine was never as big as you may believe (with 200 million users at its peak), and it also collapsed because Twitter couldn’t figure out how to earn money from it and ensure that top Vine creators were compensated.

Elon & Co. may struggle to monetize it effectively, and it would lack TikTok’s unique algorithm.

Essentially, Vine 2.0 would not be as successful as many had hoped, would not be too popular, and is probably not a good idea.

But, once again, it allows Elon to attract and redirect attention as needed.

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