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Fans Get Messi’s Iconic Moments Tattoed On Them

Fans are paying tribute to Messi by getting tattoos of him.

Messi tattoos

Fans of the Argentina team and Messi took to social media to post how they paid tribute to Argentina‘s epic win against France in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Since the win, many celebrations and fanfare have been in order, and fans have been inking some of Lionel Messi‘s iconic stills and moments from the match on themselves.

Inking the icon, Lionel Messi

Videos and photos of fans inking the athlete were spreading on social media. This showed how much he had inspired people. Many tattoo parlors in Buenos Aires were flooded with customers requesting tattoos of the athlete’s moments during the World Cup final match. After The Central Bank of the Republic of Argentina released a mockup of their new banknotes which featured the athlete’s face, it’s safe to say that many are in awe of the glory and achievements of Messi even calling him the 8th wonder of the world.

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