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Bye Emojis, Hello Genmojis: Apple Announces New Apple Intelligence

Can you soon be creating your own AI-generated emojis? Read more about Genmojis

Apple introduces Apple Intelligence

As part of the new Apple iOS 18, the brand is implementing generative artificial intelligence to further enhance their features.

At the recent WWDC 2024, Apple introduced an innovative feature called ‘Genmoji’ that leverages artificial intelligence to create personalized emojis for any occasion. This new capability addresses a common frustration: the absence of specific emojis in the existing repertoire. With Genmoji, this issue is a thing of the past!

Integrated into iOS 18, Genmoji allows users to generate new emojis effortlessly. Simply type a description of the desired emoji, and iOS 18 will provide several custom options to choose from. This feature is powered by Apple Intelligence, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience. Apple Intelligence is the personal intelligence system for Apple’s products that combines the power of generative models with personal context.



Could we be saying goodbye to emojis? Apple is releasing a more creative twist to the standard emoji feature. Unlike traditional emojis, which are unicode characters compatible across different platforms, Genmojis are created as images. This technical distinction means that while they may not display the same way on non-Apple devices, they will still serve their purpose effectively on Apple platforms.

Genmoji promises to enhance how users express emotions and ideas that are currently beyond the scope of standard emojis. From quirky expressions to unique symbols, the possibilities are vast. Many users are already planning their first creations—whether it’s an iPad emoji or a custom design that mirrors a friend’s likeness.

More advancements

Apple’s AI advancements extend beyond Genmoji. The company announced several AI-powered features across its product lineup. Siri received a significant update, now capable of answering thousands of questions and performing complex tasks across apps. The new Writing Tools provide system-wide improvements, including rewriting, tone adjustments, summarizations, and smart replies.

Apple Intelligence, the overarching AI framework, introduces context-driven notifications, enhanced writing capabilities, and advanced image generation. This AI push highlights Apple’s commitment to privacy and personalization, with many AI models running on-device and leveraging cloud-based solutions securely. Read more about new apple products and features here.

About the WWDC event

WWDC, which stands for Worldwide Developers Conference, is an information technology conference held annually by Apple Inc at Apple Park in California.

The WWDC event showcased updates to other platforms. MacOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, and watchOS 11 each received significant enhancements, emphasizing integration and user customization. New apps, such as the Passwords app, were introduced to streamline user experience across Apple devices.


Overall, Apple’s WWDC 2024 highlighted a leap in integrating AI into its ecosystem, with Genmoji standing out as a fun and practical addition. Read more here.

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