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Influencer Pug— coolest new travel partner for 2024

Instagram’s got a new pet Travel Influencer on the block! Check out all his adventures

Influencer Pug is the coolest travel partner

Jet set on paws

International jet setter Influencer‘ Kuma, a New York-based pug, has soared through approximately 250 flights. The seven-year-old pug, owned by Sid Henderson, has garnered quite the social media following, boasting nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and 77,000 on TikTok.

From New York to Seoul

Accompanying his owner, Sid, who frequently travels for work in warehouse automation, Kuma has explored a myriad of destinations. The duo primarily flies with Delta Air Lines from New York airports, including LaGuardia, Newark, and JFK. Kuma’s journey has spanned across the U.S., Montreal in Canada, and as far as Seoul in South Korea. European adventures include strolls through Paris, Porto, and relaxing on the beaches of Lisbon.

What’s the pet Influencer’s secret?

Sid reveals the secret to Kuma’s fuss-free flying – discretion. The pug comfortably fits into a small bag and cozily slots underneath Sid’s legs for the duration of the flight. Surprisingly, Kuma remains serene and content throughout the journey, seemingly unfazed by the airborne experience.

Etiquette and tips

Sid emphasizes the importance of discretion during the flight, mentioning, ‘I don’t make a big deal that he’s there, and he just sleeps.’ The duo keeps flights relatively short, not exceeding six or seven hours, ensuring the little Influencer’s comfort. For fellow pet owners, Sid advises arriving early at the airport, providing sufficient time for necessary tasks and allowing pets to expend energy. He suggests utilizing outdoor areas for bathroom breaks and relaxation, showcasing a pet-friendly approach.

Influencer Pug— coolest new travel partner for 2024

Owning a jet-setting pug brings joy not just to Sid but to everyone Kuma encounters during his travels. Describing the delightful reactions, Sid notes, ‘everyone’s natural reaction is a smile,’ creating a wave of positivity from fellow travelers to airport staff.

Sniffing new places

While the tiny little influencer’s travels span diverse landscapes, Sid amusingly reveals that the pug remains indifferent, stating, ‘Kuma doesn’t care that he’s in Paris, Korea, or anywhere else. He likes smelling new places.’ Despite his globe-trotting adventures, Kuma’s carefree demeanor continues to win hearts worldwide.

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