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Instagram Added 2022 Recap Templates for Reels

Instagram has a new 2022 recap feature.

instagram 2022 recap

Instagram has a new feature to remember your 2022 memories. The app has a newly launched feature that lets users use a “2022 recap” template to make a reel about their 2022 moments.

Instagram’s 2022 recap

The app prompts users to use the template then the user can pick a narration and select photos and videos and share it will their followers. The narrations are all from influencers like Priah Ferguson, Bad Bunny, Badshah, and DJ Khaled.

With this creators and influencers can celebrate their 2022 achievements, brands can celebrate their customers and users can celebrate their memories and wins. The 2022 recap templates will be available worldwide for many weeks into 2023. After users upload their recap, it will remain on the Reels tab of their profile.

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