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Instagram Influencers Will Soon Be Able to Build New AI Versions of Themselves

Instagram tests out new feature! Find out more

Instagram’s New Feature

Ever wanted to meet a cloned version of yourself? Well, Instagram is giving you a more practical version of cloning – Creator AI 🙂 Instagram is on the cusp of launching a groundbreaking feature called “Creator AI,” designed to allow influencers to create AI versions of themselves. This initiative aims to streamline administrative tasks, such as responding to fan comments and direct messages, by using chatbots that replicate the influencer’s voice and style.

Key Highlights

According to Instagram, the feature highlights are as follow:

Focus on Creators: The primary audience for this feature is influencers, who can use these AI-driven bots to interact with fans, ensuring their communication style and personality are preserved.

AI Bot Creation Framework: Instagram is integrating a sophisticated AI bot creation platform directly into its app, enabling users to craft AI versions of themselves.

Functionality: Initially, these AI bots will handle tasks like replying to comments and messages. Future updates may extend this functionality to Instagram comments, providing a more comprehensive engagement tool.

Purpose: Meta, Instagram’s parent company, believes this technology will help popular creators manage their workload and offer a unique engagement experience for their followers.

Skepticism: Despite the potential benefits, there is skepticism regarding the genuine value of interacting with AI versions of celebrities. Critics argue that such interactions may lack the authenticity and social value of real human engagement.

Development Stage: Currently, “Creator AI” is in the early testing phases but seems to be nearing a public launch. Recent updates from app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi indicate significant progress, suggesting a rollout is imminent.

Meta’s bet on the appeal of simulated interactions with famous personalities has sparked a debate about the social impact of this technology. While some see the value in reducing the administrative burden on creators, others question the social worth of AI-mediated engagements.

Meta’s Vision

Meta envisions “Creator AI” as a differentiator in the crowded social media landscape, banking on users’ willingness to engage with AI that mimics their favorite influencers. The company has previously introduced AI chatbots with celebrity-influenced personalities, aimed at providing guidance on topics like recipes and fitness plans. However, the added value of these bots mimicking celebrities remains contentious.

About Creator AI

According to Instagram: “The program, which is in its early stages of testing and known as ‘Creator A.I.,’ would allow influencers to chat with fans through direct messages on the social network and potentially through Instagram comments in the future, according to five people briefed on the company’s plans. The program will essentially be a chatbot that mimics the ‘voice’ of the Instagram influencer to respond to fans.” Read more here.

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